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Rockford Child Custody Attorney

Child Support Modification Lawyer Serving Rockford and Northern Illinois

Child custody issues are among the most difficult and contentious legal issues in divorce. Both physical and legal custody can go on to impact the life of a child, and the life of his or her parents, and it is important that an experienced attorney is on your side to protect your rights during a divorce or custody dispute.

At the law firm of M. Allyson Misevich, P.C., our family law practice can ensure that your child or children will always be protected during the custody process. We adore children and always look out for what is in their best interests. We will also ensure that your spouse does not infringe upon your rights when custody arrangements and visitation rights are determined, either through amicable solutions or in family court.

Rockford Child Custody Lawyer

In Illinois, custody may be defined as either legal custody, which determines the right to make important decisions regarding the welfare and upbringing of a child, and physical custody, which refers to what party will have actual physical custody of a child.

Courts generally prefer that a child has a relationship with each parent unless there are factors that bear on the court's decision to award custody to one or the other parent. Attorney Misevich will advise you of your options, which can include joint-legal and joint-physical custody, as well as other co-parenting options. She routinely works in mediation to resolve custody disputes prior to litigation.

Our firm can also assist in child support and custody modifications if circumstances regarding income, work schedules, living arrangements or other factors have changed. Attorney Misevich is formally certified to teach K-12 and has significant experience in child development, which gives her a unique insight into child custody matters. She is also fully trained as a Guardian Ad Litem.

All parents in a divorce must complete P.A.C.T. (Parents and Children Together), a four-hour education program designed to help families and children cope with the difficulties of divorce and family conflict.

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